Alexis Haselberger is a tremendous productivity coach. I initially worked with Alexis at a fast-paced start up and she was tasked with helping our small and mighty team boost our productivity. The tools and techniques she offered were invaluable and immediately lifted the sense of anxiety I was feeling about not having enough time to do everything that needed to be done. Her sessions helped me become more focused and calm, and to this day I routinely draw on the techniques Alexis shared to help prioritize action items both professionally and personally. I wholeheartedly would recommend Alexis' services to people with full lives - she is down to earth and relatable and offers a lovely mix of strategy, support and good humor. Importantly she worked with me in terms of identifying my own values and helped me identify creative ways that I could integrate into my daily routine to free up time and ultimately lead a more fulfilled life.

— Brianna Reynaud

Vice President, The OutCast Agency


I’ve known Alexis since 2009 and have worked with her in two early stage, high-paced entrepreneurial ventures. In my 20-year professional career, I’ve never met someone who is more efficient and productive. She can do in 20 hours what most people would need 60 hours. It’s truly amazing. She’s highly organized and detail-oriented which ensures that deadlines are met with ease and even the smallest of items aren’t missed. Further, her work methodology is based on simple principles that anybody can follow. I’ve not only benefitted first hand from adopting them, but I’ve seen how others have benefitted tremendously at both companies where we’ve worked together. In addition to this, her impeccable judgment, pragmatic approach, and great attitude make her a joy to work with.

— Brian Helmick

CEO, SF Deltas

Co-Founder, Algentis

Alexis was a great help to me in getting more organized with communication and relaying information to my clients.  She was able to take my information and import it into a very easy to read spreadsheet.  Many of my clients appreciated the simplicity of the spreadsheet that she put together and it proved very helpful.  Alexis also helped me set up Google calendar as to be a better way to communicate to families regarding schedule of classes and events.  I am very pleased with all she has helped me with and I am sure I will reach out to her again.  

— Lisa Brown

Owner, Sunset Academy of Dance



I have really enjoyed working with Alexis. Her structured approach allowed me to absorb the techniques and build habits around them. I found the sessions very valuable!

— Hussein Mehanna

Director of Engineering, Cloud AI Platform, Google

Alexis’ system of time and task management helps me stay focused and stay on task. I have been using it for 4 years now and require all our interns and new employees to try it out. It is the simplicity of making a list combined with the strategy required to accomplish big goals one step at a time. 

— Katie Rivers

Executive Director, Rebuild South Sudan


I met Alexis when I needed help with my communications and I can definitely say I am a better professional after our sessions together. Alexis is easy to talk to and gives good advice on the fly, while also providing specific strategies that make sense for future use. She was encouraging to me in a difficult situation and provided a pathway towards better communications that I have continued to use and pay forward to others. Highly recommend!

— Freddie Dickinson Project Architect, CTA Group

I had the distinct privilege of working with Alexis for almost two years. I say privilege because Alexis harbors the unique ability of accelerating the productivity of anyone and everyone on her team. She does this of course by setting a really high example but also by creating tangible action steps of growth for each individual to help them improve at a pace that is tenable for them. She was known as the productivity mastermind but what I most appreciated about Alexis was her self awareness and understanding that not everyone’s mind is crafted like hers and she genuinely sees this as a good thing.

I have so much respect for her and I’m grateful that I had the chance to receive the benefits of watching her work. I know that my individual value as a team member has increased ten fold because of all that I learned from her.

— Myriah Johnson

Director of Marketing, SF Deltas


I have yet to meet anyone as high of a performer and as easy-going as Alexis Haselberger. Her ability to manage intimidating to-do lists and people is awe-inspiring. I was lucky to work for her at one point in a pretty fast-paced start-up with a small operations team. When my to-do list, projects, and roles kept growing and becoming more complex, I hit a point where I thought I was going to completely fail and have a breakdown from the stress. Alexis stepped in and saved me. She helped me set up pragmatic systems and processes that allowed me to tackle everything our company needed me to get done in an efficient, timely, and productive way. The process-oriented perspective and skills I learned from Alexis have had a lasting impact in many aspects of my life. That said, if I ever need her support again I'll reach out in a heartbeat! I highly recommend Alexis no matter how big or small your goals are.

— Charlotte McGeever

Box Office Operations and Fan Relations Coordinator, SF Deltas

Alexis is the person you want as your personal and professional productivity coach. She makes idea of time management and organization so digestible that it’s easy to incorporate in your everyday life.  Organization can be scary but with her tips and tricks, I’m able to overcome the feeling being overwhelmed and actually getting work done. If would want to work with the very best, you need Alexis.

— Akeba Rice

Practice Manager, Brooklyn Dental Studio


Each year I conduct an event with my business team designed to inspire, grow, and empower them. 

For our 2018 event I asked Alexis Haselberger to speak to our group through a live Zoom feed into our conference room. Although I had not previously met Alexis in person, after conducting due diligence I concluded she would bring valuable content to our event. We prepped in advance of her segment and I was confident she would bring value to the group. 

Alexis was asked to speak for about 50 minutes, and then field some questions. Her presentation and content were outstanding. Even more impressive, she successfully tailored her message to our team needs, even though she had never met any of us in person. This is not easy to do--but Alexis did it. 

Her presentation was effective, and afterwards, we had associates interested in contracting with her privately to get assistance with their focus, time efficiency, and organization. 

I recommend Alexis for group leaders who are looking to introduce time management efficiencies to their teams. 

- John Drennan

Founder, Success Partners International

Our company contracted with Alexis to work with one of our employees struggling with communication with team members and clients. Alexis spent time understanding the needs of all involved first. Then she laid out a plan with weekly agendas, tools, and follow up that was specific to our needs and our employee. Alexis worked with our HR group to help support our employee through additional coaching sessions. The communication between all was timely and relevant to specific need. Results: our employee made immediate progress due to how Alexis structured the sessions and homework. The process was flawless and so easy for us as an employer. Our employee is already taking a lead in mentoring others from the tools he learned and from what felt not natural to everyday practice. We will use Alexis again in the future and would recommend her in a second. So professional and made this process so specific to us. Thank you Alexis! We are so thankful for your time and expertise.

— Val Route

HR generalist, CTA Group

Alexis' organizational skills are very impressive.  A few years ago, as an overwhelmed mother of 2 who also works full-time, I was able to look to Alexis for help and support to make my life less hectic and stressful.  For instance, she has an annual meal planning spreadsheet that she shared with me.  Grocery shopping and figuring out what to do for dinner every night can be overwhelming, but Alexis figured out a way to make it simple and streamlined.  Now 3 years later, I still refer to her spreadsheet, which she updates on a regular basis.

- Lezlee Ware, Professor