Take control of your to-do list, your time, and your life.


Sick and tired of constantly feeling overwhelmed? Do you wake up at night thinking about something you need to do at work tomorrow?  Do you go to bed thinking about all the things you didn't get done today?  Do you fall into bed exhausted every night having had no time for yourself?  Do you often find yourself scrambling to get things done at the last minute?

Now imagine how it would feel to:

  • Leave work at work, and be present at home

  • Have time for yourself, every day

  • Show up to every meeting, event and activity prepared and on time

  • Be well-rested, focused and relaxed

  • Use your time intentionally, in service of your own goals and values

With my help, you’ll learn techniques, strategies, tips and hacks to get everything done…without the stress.  You’ll learn how to spend your time in service of your goals and values. You’ll put systems in place so you can feel, and truly be, on top of it all.

You’ll do more and stress less.

Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything, read every book, and nothing has helped. I can help.


Client Testimonials


I have really enjoyed working with Alexis. Her structured approach allowed me to absorb the techniques and build habits around them. I found the sessions very valuable!




Alexis Haselberger is a tremendous productivity coach. I initially worked with Alexis at a fast-paced start up and she was tasked with helping our small and mighty team boost our productivity. The tools and techniques she offered were invaluable and immediately lifted the sense of anxiety I was feeling about not having enough time to do everything that needed to be done. Her sessions helped me become more focused and calm, and to this day I routinely draw on the techniques Alexis shared to help prioritize action items both professionally and personally. I wholeheartedly would recommend Alexis' services to people with full lives - she is down to earth and relatable and offers a lovely mix of strategy, support and good humor. Importantly she worked with me in terms of identifying my own values and helped me identify creative ways that I could integrate into my daily routine to free up time and ultimately lead a more fulfilled life.




Alexis is a guru in time management and productivity! She is my "go-to" coach for all things related to getting more organized and efficient. She miraculously helped me reorganize my email and to-do system. Her attitude and approach make her a delight to work with! And most importantly, you'll see and feel a huge difference.




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