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If you’ve been reading these newsletters, I’m going to assume that you are interested in using your time more wisely, and decreasing stress. Usually, in these posts, I give tips on specific facets of time management and productivity.

This week, I’ve got something for those of you who are looking for a little more.

I’m excited to share with you that for the past few months, I’ve been hard at work creating an on-demand, online video course on time management and productivity. It’s called “Time Management Mastery: Do More, Stress Less”.

And I wanted to give you readers a special 25% discount on the course if you decide to take it. Use this link to get the course for only $74.99 (usually $99.99). And feel free to share the love with your friends and family.

About the course:

If you're someone who has a LOT on their plate and wants to find a system to handle it all, but who also craves downtime for yourself, this course is for you.

You might be an employee who doesn’t feel organized, a manager or exec who is learning to handle your own work and be an effective leader at the same time, a working parent, or someone who has recently said one of the following:

  • "I just don't have enough hours in the day!"

  • "I've got too much on my plate!"

  • "I have no downtime!"

  • "I feel like I'm failing at work AND home!"

  • "Planning stresses me out!"

Now imagine how it would feel if you:

  • Were able to leave work at work, and be present at home (while getting it all done!)

  • Had time for yourself, every day

  • Could show up to every meeting, event, or activity prepared and on time

  • Were well-rested, focused and relaxed

  • Knew you were using your time in service of your own goals and values

In this course, I distill the content, strategies, techniques and skills that I acquired, developed and implemented over 15+ years managing Operations and HR in start-ups (and that I use daily with my clients in my time-management coaching practice) into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process for anyone looking to get more out of their time.

Specifically, the course covers:

  • Common Roadblocks to Productivity (and how to combat them!)

  • Personalized Productivity - How to use your natural tendencies to your advantage.

  • Task Management - How to keep track of it all without relying on your memory!

  • Prioritization - How to make sure you're working on the right things at the right times.

  • Planning - How taking a few moments now saves your future self TONS of time.

  • Focus - How to increase focus and minimize the impact of distractions.

Time is a finite resource, and perhaps our most valuable one.  If you’ve been reading this blog, I bet you already know that. In this digital age, our time and attention is being pulled in many more directions than ever before.  Mastering time management is essential to living a balanced and fulfilling life.

Enroll today to take back control of your time, excel at work, and make time for the things that matter in YOUR life!

NOTE: If you have access to Udemy for Business through your employer, you can actually take this course for free, as it is included in the Udemy for Business subscription.

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