Productivity Power Hour (or Day)

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Even the most efficient of us end up with a bunch of nagging tasks, to-dos or chores that aren't urgent, but need to get done at some point.  However, because they are not urgent, they often get pushed to the bottom of the list, where they sit and stress us out.

And that's where they'll stay unless we consciously make time to do these tasks. 

That's where the Productivity Power Hour (or day) comes in.    Here's what you do:

Gather up all those little tasks that have been nagging at you (such as filing (physical or digital), organizing you desk, returning that package that's been sitting on your desk for a week, unsubscribing from email lists, filling out school forms, etc.) and schedule an hour, 4 hours, or a whole day (depending on your appetite or capacity for drudgery) to work through this list.  Even the act of scheduling the time will make you feel better, because now you have a plan.

Then, when that day and time comes, grab yourself a cup of coffee and start powering through the list.  Get only as much done as you can in the time that you've scheduled; save the rest for next time. 

Once you're done crossing these items off, not only will your tasklist lighter, but you'll free more free.  You'll realize that all these little items that really didn't seem that important were weighing you down.  And you'll realize how fast you can knock these items of if you just make the time to do it. 

Now go!

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