What are you NOT doing?

Image Source: Pexels.com

Image Source: Pexels.com

Documenting your to do list and prioritizing regularly is essential because it not only helps you get things done, but it makes sure you know what you are NOT getting done.  Knowing what you are not getting done gives you a window into your own priorities.

If you continually procrastinate on something, you can start to ask yourself "why is this item always being pushed?".  It could be a number of things:

 - you don't yet have an actionable first step, so it just feels HARD

 - it might be important to someone else, but not to you

 - it might just be that everything else on your list is more important

If it's the latter, then you know that you are appropriately prioritizing your tasks. 

But if you're not getting it done for one of the other reasons, then you know where to begin.  If it feels too hard and nebulous, reframe the task by simply determining the first actionable step, no matter how small (think: "schedule time on calendar to call Jen", or "create the framework for the spreadsheet", etc.).  If it's something that just isn't important to you, then let it go; simply remove it from your list.

Once you know what it is you are not getting done, you'll know if your priorities are in order.

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