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Speaking Engagements

Technical Documentation Roundup 2019

Menlo Park, CA, 5/21-23/2019

  • Talk: How Tech Docs Teams Can Learn to Manage Their Time

  • Panel Member: The Science of Understanding People & The Art of Influencing Them

  • 1/2 Day Workshop: Time Management Mastery: Do More, Stress Less

HR Star Conference 2019

South San Francisco, CA, 7/10/19

  • Talk: Designing and Implementing Effective Training Programs for Emerging Leaders



The Art of Consulting Podcast

Andy Fry interviews me about the challenges people face with productivity, some common pitfalls that people run into with productivity tools, and some simple tips you can put into place to be productive.

Pillars of Health Podcast

Jon Carroll interviews me about how to take control of your time.

I Am CEO Podcast

Gresham Harkless interviews me about how to do more, stress less, and build the right balance

Connect Up Web Series

Chad Gravellese interviews me about time, connection and communication

Troncast Podcast

Tron Jordheim interviews me about personalized productivity.

Life. Turned Up. Podcast

Andi Wickman interviews me about time, and life.

Coffee and Accounting Podcast

Patrick Rood interviews me about time management and entrepreneurship.

The Transitions Collective Vlog

Mary Clavieres interviews me about productivity, our calendars and our relationship with time.

The Lisa Show Radio Interview

Lisa Valentine Clark interviews me about National Lazy Day and the best ways to actually be lazy.

The Mind Body Business Show Interview

In this long-form interview, Brian Kelly interviews me about entrepreneurship, fitness, the important of reading, and of course, time management.


Published Articles


Various musings on time management, productivity, and living the life you want

My Blog, published every couple of weeks

Conscious Prioritization

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6 Easy Steps to Plan Your Workday More Efficiently

Ace-Up Blog, 3/29/19

How to become a master of time management at work.

Udemy Blog, 4/16/19

Get Hours Back with the One Touch Rule , 9/11/19

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