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Time Management and Productivity and Efficiency Consulting

Pricing based on length and scope of engagement.

Individual and Group Coaching Programs (Onsite or Remote):

"Jumpstart Your Productivity" Program

Learn the basics of time-management and productivity to jumpstart your success.  Program covers task-management, planning and goals, prioritization and tools implementation.

"Take Control of Your Time" Program

Dive deep to truly become the master of your own time.  Learn the secrets of task-management, prioritization, planning and goals, tools implementation, habit building, efficiency, focus and more.

"Take Control of Your Life" Program

Take your productivity to the next level, in all aspects of your life.  Succeed at work, and at home.  Take control of your time, your to-do list, and your life.  Build the balance that's right for you.

"Success at Work" Program

Coaching for new grads or those new to the work-world.  Help your new employees get ahead of the curve and learn the business skills that will help them thrive and boost your bottom line.  Help your employees implement good habits now so you don't have to help them change bad habits later.  Help your employees learn about accountability, productivity, time-management, effective communication basics, office norms, understanding HR forms, benefits basics, dress codes and more.  

"Success for Emerging Leaders" Program

When independent contributors are promoted to management there's often a steep learning curve.  Accelerate that curve by providing training for new managers.  Teach new managers how to properly give (and receive) feedback, how to best manage 1:1s, how to handle employee grievances, how not to micromanage, how to use their own time wisely, etc.  Give your new managers a leg up to help them succeed.

"Productivity for the Part-Time Professional" Program

Did you start working part-time to be able to create balance in your life, but now you are finding you're actually more stressed than when you were working full-time?  Learn the skills, strategies and techniques that will help you truly create that balance that you wanted in the first place.  Learn to manage work, without bringing it home, and learn to manage home, without feeling resentful.

Fully Customized Time-Management and Productivity Coaching

Individualized intake process to find out where your pain points are and what you are NOT getting done; customized implementation plan of strategies that will work for you and your work-style.   Ongoing support.


Workshops (Onsite or Remote)

One-Hour Speaking Engagement

Just enough time for a brown-bag lunch talk?  Perhaps you need a speaker for your company off-site?  I'll design a talk that will provide your employees with tips, strategies and techniques they can implement TODAY to change the way they work, do more, and stress less.

Two-Hour "Time Management 101" Course

Don't have time to devote a whole day of your team's time to productivity issues?  Start with this 2-hour intensive course, customized to the needs of your business.  

One-Day Seminars

One-day, intensive seminar with your team.  Learn what's blocking productivity and how to fix it.  Help your team use their time more efficiently so you can boost the bottom line.

Fully Customized Workshop or Seminar

Individualized intake process to determine your business or team's productivity pain points.  Whatever the needs and/or time constraints for your business, we can design a workshop or seminar that works for you and your team.